"Thrace and the Ancient World – Vassil Bojkov Collection"

In relation to the exhibition of the same name, a science catalogue of the exhibits was published.

“The local style” of the Thracian toreutics is represented with all its object forms. Some of the most interesting specimens are the rhytons dating from 6th to 1st centuries BC, which represent the development of this form in the Antiquity.

"The Saved treasures of Ancient Thrace from Vassil Bojkov collection"

In April 2009 was published the catalogue on the exhibition “The saved riches of Ancient Thrace from Vassil Bojkov Collection”, held in Moscow.
All the monuments from the exhibition are included in the well illustrated edition, containing more than 400 colour photos.

"The Splendour of Bulgaria"

In the beginning of 2007 was published a catalogue in relation to the exhibition “The splendour of Bulgaria.”
It was held in the European Parliament in Brussels within the days of celebrating Bulgaria's accession to the European Union,

Vassil Bojkov's Collection catalogue

In 2005 was published the catalogue „Vassil Bojkov Collection“, which is one of the richest and the most well-preserved private collections of ancient art.