Exhibition “Thracian gold from Bulgaria. Legends coming back to life” Joint exposition of Bulgarian state and private museums of historical treasures from antiquity

From the 30th of September to the 30th of November 2013 the exhibition “Thracian gold from Bulgaria. Legends coming back to life” will be presented in the State Historical Museum in Moscow. That is a joint exhibition of historical treasures from the antiquity of Bulgarian state and private museums: The National Museum of History, the Regional Archeological Museum, Plovdiv, the Regional Historical Museum, Rouse, the Regional Historical Museum, Lovech, the Thrace Foundation with the private museum of Vassil Bozhkov, the Arete-Fol Foundation museum

„Thrace and the Ancient World 15th – 1st centuries BC – Vassil Bojkov Collection”

The exhibition presented to the public on 21st March 2011 in the National Museum of History consists of more than 230 specimens dating from the period 15th – 1st centuries BC.

"The Other Museum"

The exhibition "The Other Museum" is the first public activity of the Private Collectors' Union in Bulgaria, established in March 2010 and chaired by Prof. Dr. Valeri Stefanov. Thrace Foundation was actively involved in organizing and displaying the exhibition.

"The Saved treasures of Ancient Thrace from Vassil Bojkov collection"

The exhibition was held from 15th of April to 21 of June 2009 in the State Museum of Oriental art in Moscow as one of the main events in the "Year of Bulgaria in Russia" initiative during 2009.

"The Old Age during the Antiquity"

Exhibits of Vassil Bojkov Collection on display in international, thematic exhibition of artifacts from the Greek and the Roman Antiquity under the name "The Old Age during the Antiquity" in Landesmuseum - Bonn, Germany.

"The Splendour of Bulgaria"

On 9th of January 2007 in the European Parliament in Brussels, an exhibition with artifacts from the Vassil Bojkov Collection was opened.