International scientific conference "Thracian gold: myth and reality"

During the exhibition "The Saved treasures of Thrace from the Vassil Bojkov Collection", an International Conference titled "The Thracian Gold: Myth and Reality” was organized.

"Once upon a time..."

In 2008 – 2009 Thrace Foundation organized and produced the TV show for history and culturen amed „Once upon a time...” broadcasted on "7 dni" TV.

Thrace Foundation supports the TEMP Expedition - II

Thrace Foundation supported the work of TEMP Expedition in 2008 once again. Archeologists explored again the Thracian mound necropoles on the territory of the Municipality of Sliven.

Thrace Foundation supports the TEMP Expedition - I

In 2007 Thrace Foundation was the main sponsor of the archeological studies of Thracian mound necropoles in the region of Sliven.

Archaeological research of the ancient town of Abritus

During the summer of 2007 Thrace Foundation was funding the archaeological excavation works of the ancient town of Abrittus (nowadays Bulgarian town of Razgrad), conducted by the Regional Historical Museum of Razgrad with the participation of students of the National School of Classical Languages and Ancient Cultures.

"The Splendour of Armira" Project

During the period of 2006-2008 Thrace Foundation in co-operation with the Municipalities of Ivaylovgrad (Bulgaria) and Kiprinos (Greece)completed the Project "The Splendour of Armira" within the framework of the transborder co-operation program PHARE of the EU.

The Writen traditions in the Balkans 9th-19th century - manuscripts from the Collection of the "Ivan Duychev" Center

In 2006 the Thrace Foundation was a co-organizer and a sponsor of the exhibition “The script traditions of the Balkans, IX-XIX century”, which includes Slavonic, Greek and Oriental manuscripts from the collection of the Centre of Slavonic and Byzantium Studies Prof. Ivan Duychev.

Complete renovation of disposition and design of the exhibition area of the Historical Museum in the town of Asenovgrad

During the period 2005-2006 Thrace Foundation supported financially logistically Asenovgrad's Municipality in realization of the project for the complete renovation of disposition and disign of the exhibition area of the Historical Museum in the town of Asenovgrad.

Organization and funding of the project "With respect to the motive forces"

During November 2005 Thrace Foundation took part as a co-organizer and grant the main financial support to the Bulgarian artist's Georgi Donov project "With respect to the motive forces" displayed in the National Art Gallery in Sofia.

Support for the archaeological investigation of the Roman city Ulpia Oescus

During 2005 Thrace Foundation granted the funding for the archaeological excavations of the Roman city Ulpia Oescus, near the modern village of Gigen - Municipality of Gulyantsi.